Work orders

The automatic creation of work orders is one of the major strengths of MIR-RT, which allows your employees to spend more time in the workshop than on the computer. Your preventive maintenance schedule will be better.

Work orders are used to record parts, labor and shop supplies required to complete a task on a vehicle. With MIR-RT there is no need to enter this information after a mechanic’s work has been completed.  One of the ways in which MIR improves efficiency is in providing the ability for mechanics to use their own work order documentation screen.  Mechanics Mode, MIR’s easy to use mechanic’s interface, transfers data to the work order in real-time.  All time, parts, notes, inspection results including brake depth and tire depth can be recorded. Mechanics Mode simplifies work order management while improving the efficiency and accuracy of work orders. 

The Work Order Management module gives the manager full control over work order details such as editing, adding and removing content and documenting work performed.  Depending upon the definition of an order, the costs may also be marked up for retail invoicing purposes.

The information in this module is used for obtaining detailed reports on the status of the fleet, the causes of failure, types of interventions, types of repairs, parts used and total cost of repairs. If done manually, these reports are very hard to obtain.  With MIR-RT however, these detailed reports are always at your fingertips, saving you time and effort.