Purchase orders

In addition to the standard features, the purchase order management module automates orders following a set of rules, avoiding the inconvenience of missing parts during maintenance and mechanical repairs. It makes the tracking of undelivered quantities easier and makes it possible to order tires with their tag numbers. It also provides managers with validation mechanisms to avoid mistakes in the purchasing process.

  • Control of rights to perform purchase orders.
  • Identification of the maximum purchase amount permitted for a user.
  • Management of authorization levels and approval of orders.
  • Restricting orders when certain parts have no price.

The information contained in this module provides detailed reports on the types of parts ordered, their order frequency, adjusted orders and also the inventory’s minimum and maximum quantity.

You’ll never have to worry about over stocking parts with MIR-RT! The software will notify you if parts are already on order. There is an invoice verification process that must be completed for every supplier and duplicate orders can be managed before transferring the accounts payable into your accounting software.